The Chaos Theory

We live in a world where everything is related to everything. Its a highly complex, inter-related network with slight changes in one affecting the other. It all forms an interlinked chain of self loops, feedback mechanisms, repetition and recursion. Its a simple mayhem explained by Chaos Theory.

Chaos Theory is basically a theory, representing systems which are highly responsive to initial stimuli. It is mathematical field of complex systems whose outcome is sensitive to preliminary conditions. The butterfly effect explains how a minute variation in inception stage can result in huge differences in the upcoming state. Simply speaking, a butterfly flapping its wings in Spain can cause a tornado in Germany.

The Chaos Theory was given by Edward Lorenz. He stated :

“The present determines the future, but the approximate present does not approximately determine the future.”

Isn’t it an obvious fact?

Look at all the universe, the result of everything is determined by the starting parameters. The pendulum would have oscillated more, if the initial trajectory angle was different. The dynamo would have generated more electricity, if the rpm of shaft was different. So, are we humans.

Our lives are determined by the paths we take.

Our future is decided by our present choices.

Our goals are achieved by our cumulative decisions.

Often at crossroads, we adhere to diversions and take a path that changes our forever. Life no longer remains the same. However, profit or loss vary from person to person and situation to situation. And had we taken an alterior path, would the outcome be any different? Perhaps yes.

The chaos of today creates the chaos of tomorrow while only the chaos of today can resolve the chaos of tomorrow!

Chaos is what surrounds us! Make sure you solve your present chaos to minimize your future chaos, for chaos theory never offers a null value!

Picture Credit: Vardan Sharma


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