The Addiction Prophecy

“Whenever you are with me, you go completely off.” He said.

“I am heavy hearted these days, please don’t take it otherwise.” She said.

She had a subtle prophecy that she had become habitual of him, unconditionally. Those daily conversations were shaping a significant, yet insignificant contribution in her life. She wanted to cut down on the overdue importance, rendered to an acquaintance, who was increasingly difficult to comprehend.

She was afraid. He was uninformed. A gap was made.

He felt weird at her unexcited responses that expired before time, for she never behaved as if he didn’t matter to her.

Now, she discovered diversions for her longings, sounding lost to him, for she could not banish the fear of confessing her addiction to him.

zainab camerawq.jpg

Picture Credit: Sanjay Pal



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