Goodbye Obesity !!

I am not going to discuss biology here. I am not going to define disease as a state of disordered functioning in human beings, plants or animals. I am not going to highlight how diseases can make your life hell.

All I am going to do is to narrate the fear that creeps in with the mere thought of getting obese!

Well, the identifiable set of sign and symptoms of obesity pose a significant threat to the entire population. Off lately, obesity has been entitled as an upcoming disease. This definitely needs to chalk out contriving strategy in how to address, engineer and micromanage a springing problem.

It is genuine to propose a diet plan but a significant number of factors might complicate the changes in the physique. The problem with obesity is that it is multilayered.

The bourgeois inclines towards the treatment for obesity. There are many obesity clinics, obesity doctors, special surgery and explicit meds that might directly lead morbidity, sepulchral and other diseases. So, that’s how they make obesity fit into the model for the disordered medical condition-a disease.

On the contrary to the treatment scheme, what actually needs to be done is a shift in the perspective. The scientific studies have exposed the common presumptions and inference underlying the war of obesity as pretentious fallacies.

1. The assumption that “overweight” and “obese” people have a shorter lifespan than an average weight person, is FALSE !

2. The assumption that being “overweight” and “obese” pose a significant risk to an individual’s fitness is FALSE ! Epidemiological researches hardly proclaim factors like fitness, nutrient throughput, flaunting weights or activities when relating weight to a disease.

3. The assumption that losing weight will prolong life is FALSE ! Some studies indicate that an intentional weight loss increases the risk of early death by making us prone to certain diseases.

4. The assumption that the only approach for “overweight” and “obese” people is to ameliorate their verdure is by forfeiting weight is FALSE !

The obesity condition spins around the conundrum – What Can Be Done ?

  • Embrace your size, your momentous proportions. Self-acceptance empowers you to make positive and incontestable transformation.
  • Adopt a healthy, robust lifestyle and culture. Enjoy the bodily locomotion and make your everyday life physically vital.
  • Eat when you’re hungry, stop when you’re full, seek pleasure from satisfying foods.
  • Acclimate your taste and flavor to enjoy more nutritious foods in the context of an overall healthy diet and lifestyle.
  • Adhere to Yoga, acupressure, exercise, plyometrics, calisthenics. Get plenty of fresh air and practice workouts.
  • One of the consequences of stress response is abdominal fat cell growth and loss of muscle mass, which leads to insulin resistance & obesity. To manage stress, calm the body and the mind. Get a good night sleep and include physical exercise in your lifestyle.

All in all, I think everyone who’s fighting obesity should avoid going to these obesity clinics and practice self-regulation. I am not asking you to stop eating, but at least you can restrict your eating habits! I am not asking you to do enormous workout but at least you can sweat for a round in the nearby park!

Just incorporate these chunks into your life and say good-bye to obesity!

loose weighttt

Picture Credit: Abhishek Srivatav


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