Little Feet, Big Footprints.

Home is the place which your feet abandon but your heart adores. It is the starting abode of love, care and dreams that are reciprocated mutually by each and every member.

When I come to my home, sweet home,

I find it better than a luxury holiday in Rome,

It bears the memoirs of my grandparents,

And the glee of eyes when I was first at home !

Love has no fear, no rules, no boundaries,

The warm welcome is inscribed in my diaries,

Vibrant clothes and arresting toys,

Cuddling in everyone’s arms with no worries!

Ah, those days that marked life’s start,

Are very close to my aspiring heart,

Peeping from the shadows of yesterday,

Every time Mom rings me up miles apart!

And now that I have grown up,

I was watching the bitch embrace her pup,

I wonder if ever my infancy will be back,

Having coffee after coffee in a large cup.

Soon, a text from Dad dropped on my phone,

Asking about last week’s pain in my bone,

Like a fresher baby into the world of displeasure,

I texted him back – Dad, it’s long way gone!

A hesitant thought was backspaced by me,

I wish I were again irritated by their one, two, three,

Mewing and plucking and giggling all around,

Without the exasperation of not being free!

Yet again, mom snatched the phone and dialed,

To check if I were home from the place I am hired,

To assure that I have had my dinner,

To affirm that I will be home this festival, as desired.

Subtly, I grasped that parents will never grow,

They will see from the old lens even though,

Where we no longer wear stupid and dance in the rain,

Unable to take care of ourselves on the go!

This fulfills my desire to be an immature infant,

Every day, every hour, every moment in reminiscent,

For their unconditional care is totally enchanting,

Taking me back into time without any lending any rent!

No matter how old we grow, we will still be those young affectionate babies, who cuddle in the arms of their parents. Our little existence is awaited for nine months by them, and our little affectionate is awaited by them throughout their lives. They promise us to render unconditional care and it often becomes irritating for us, although it’s absence makes life incomplete.

And believe me, this is not just mine, but everyone’s perception. We have little feet that embark on the journey to leave behind big footprints on the sands of time!

Picture Credit: Vardan Sharma





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