Oasis in the Desert

Once upon a time, a dame nomad told her paramour how her demons had annexed her.

She was a soul, so lost, so solitary, so broken — she fell for a skosh of his sweat-dripped skin.

He was like a hermit with a cabin in the woods — aloof from the worldly complexities, nurturing the herbs of love. The glow in his eyes resembled words unheard, boundaries undefined, thirst unquenched, which provoked her all the more to break herself free from the shackled anklet. She was injured in the process, but the outcome was her unperturbed freedom.

She was afraid of drifting into the darkness of oblivion but he concocted a door of hope and trust.

The storms of paranoia that once alarmed her have now pulled her into the tides of a new world that furnish an oasis in her desert. Her wounds have healed and she is ready to spread her wings under the sky of love and embark on a journey beyond the vast horizon unchained.


Picture Credit: Vardan Sharma


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