Selected Scribbled Stories

Females have always been viewed as the weaker sex, even while talking of equality on the international forefront. I hardly can believe this irony that when females are giving cut throat competition to the world, why can’t the world end this sexual racism?

Why can’t the world let them discover their wings?diary 7Why can’t their eyes dance with gaiety, not succumb with tears?diary 3Why can’t they abandon everything and walk away?diary 6Why can’t their hearts become stones, turning deaf ears to affection?diary 4Why can’t the opposite sex, look upon them with respect?diary 2Why can’t they kill their gloomy depression?diary 5Why can’t they be proud of being a female?diary 1

These were few excerpts from the daily diary of a girl, who god never rejoice at her existence. I wonder when will these invisible atrocities see their end?

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