On A Voyage With The River

On my boat in parallel with the river,

I was lost somewhere, uncertain with shiver!

The feet were assigned, the luggage was destined,

Yet being away from home, heavily fined.

I looked around for the lass of mine,

Like Eve was made from Adam’s spine,

But soon realised Cupid was angry with me,

Turning deaf ears to my heart’s succumbing plea.

I murmured to her dancing swirls,  demonstrating a silly pride,

Of what use is your celebration, when your lad isn’t beside?

She huffed, she roared, she growled, she hesitated to confess the reason,

And moved again from left to right, to her far dwelling lover, this season!

As we both were half way through, a cloud cluster joined us with alarm,

The Earth was longing for her lover, parched for rain with open arms!

He coughed, he huffed, he panted, he shadowed his affection for being here,

And once again showered blessings, to relieve his love, with his unconditional care!

Soon the trees, rattled their leaves, their love for wind was too deep,

And both performed a romantic ball, dangling on the harvest, yet to reap!

At this point, my soul was weary, walking miles away,

Was it the time for the promise bearing day?

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Picture Credit : Abhishek Srivastav


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