Angna Phool Khilenge With Irshad Kamil : Curtain Raiser for Lucknow Literature Festival 2017

Proceeding with the Curtain Raiser for Lucknow Literature Festival 2017, there was yet another enthusiastic as well as intellectual evening, with one of most celebrated contemporary lyricist, Irshad Kamil.
“Lyricist is half story-teller. He has the responsibility of entertaining the audience for thirty minutes out of three hours.”
Irshad Kamil reciting his poetry
Main Saare Zamane Ki Fikr karun… Phir Main Apna Zikr Karun….
He has a rich knowledge of language, and has a flair of writing that has not left any age group aloof. Being born in Punjab, he dwelled in Punjabi and belonging to a Muslim family, developed his insight into Urdu. Later he pursued his PhD in Hindi.
With super hit songs in Jab We Met, Love Aaj Kal, Mere Brother Ki Dulhan, Rockstar, Raanjhna, Aashiqui 2, Cocktail, Highway, Tamasha, Sultan and many more to his credit, he affirms that he finds himself responsible for performing best with his pen. He takes up films, when he feels that he can significantly contribute towards the success and glory of film.
“I feel responsible to write songs that make the film prosper. I want to be the reason behind a film’s success not to find successful films to get famous.”
Irshad Kamil has been very closely associated with Imtiaz Ali, since the time none of them were famous artists in their domains. He confessed that he is associated with his films intensely because he knows about the story since its seeding in Imtiaz’s thought.  He witnesses the development of plot through his eyes and so, he is able to put that story into his songs.
“We share a close bond for friendship since the days of our struggle, which never allows the hierarchy of a director and a lyricist to come between us.”
Aaoge Jab Tum O Saajna, Angna Phool Khilenge

Rockstar happens to be his favourite work, for he can relate himself with Jordan, who is rebellious. In fact, each writer is Jordan, made when he either finds that something is missing or something is hyper. His works and his conversation inspired many young writers in the audience, like me.

I congratulate Lucknow Expressions Society for putting up such a great show, as I hope that this year’s Litfest shall enthrall us all with the alluring theme of ‘Poetry In Cinema’.

In the end, few lines from his poetic session:

मैं अपने आप को रख के ख़याल में उसके, ये भूल जाऊँ की ख़ुद को रख दिया था कहीं,
वो अपने आप को रख के नसीब में  मेरे, उम्र भर फ़िक्र ना करे अपनी,
वो अनकहा जो अभी ख़्वाहिशों में लिपटा है, उसे ख़राश तो आयी है मगर मामूली,
वो अनसुना जो अभी उसके दायरों में नहीं, उसी ने बात बढ़ायी है मगर मामूली,
वो अपने लहजे को अल्फ़ाज़ से जुदा कर दे, या मेरी सोच को परवाज़ से जुदा कर दे, जो हर उड़ान में उसकी तरफ़ आ जाती है,
मैं अपने जज़्बे को तरकीब से जुदा कर लूँ, या अपने आप को तहज़ीब से जुदा कर लूँ, ये बात मेरी साँझ में थोड़ी कम ही आती है ।
Curtain Raiser

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