How Do The Advertisers Reach Their Target Audience?

Advertising is an essential part of business. It refers to the act of making your brand, product or service, known to the consumers. This helps ease out the marketing strategy and promotes sales, indirectly helping growth. The greatest challenge in advertising is finding the right target audience.

With the recent variety of platforms available for advertising, everyone has good strategies on their list. Various audio and visual forms of communications are put to labour, to gain eye balls. Here’s a few examples:

The mushrooming coaching institutes tend to put their hoardings, posters and banners outside schools, because their preferred target audience is students. The more the students look at them, the more the enrollment they have. Just have a look around!

And if you don’t have the time to go out, just switch on your television. If you happen to watch a kids channel, the advertisements in the break would be chocolates, noodles, health drinks, toys etc. They would repeatedly telecast only advertisements whose preferred target audience is children.

But if you’re lazy enough to switch on the television, just grab your phone and start playing some game. Try to earn free coins / gems / keys by watching a video, which is nothing else but an advertisement of another game by probably the same developer. This implies that people playing games would love to try new ones.

Yet not convinced? Try to watch a video on YouTube. If it’s the repeat telecast of a daily soap, you might get advertisements of beauty products, daily commodities etc. flashing before the video begins. Not only these, social media has become a very powerful tool for advertising where the consumer or target audience is youth. For the testimonial, you can have a look at facebook news feed!

Advertisers are quirky. They know how to find their target audience. The customers quickly switch to better facilities, once they are convinced.

Here’s a marketing essentials : ‘You can even sell yourself, if you find the target audience!’


Graphic By : Abhishek Srivastav


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