Soul Food in Lucknow!

There was a slight saliva building up in my mouth as I walked through the streets of Lucknow. It was the smell of kebabs and biryani penetrating my trachea and activating the juice dance in my stomach. Besides the Nawabi heritage, the city has some of the most royal relishes as some superior soul food dishes to offer.
The traditional food of Lucknow was highly patronized by the nawabs of Lucknow during their time. The cuisine, since its inception is very delightful, especially for a non-vegetarian. The dining table is stuffed with a wide range of kebabs, greasy parathas, translucent kormas, brilliant naans, spicy chicken and mouth-watering biryani! Kulcha Nahari is one of the most authentic preparations! Thus, the aroma, the presentation and the savour, takes you back into those eras, when silver-gold crockery items added to their lustre.
The city doesn’t ignores it’s vegetarian foodies. It has hot khasta-aloo, creamy falooda-kulfis, garnished makhan-malai, multi flavoured batashe and exceptional meetha-pan, as the gourmet meal round the year. When its comes to street food, ‘Lucknowi-Chaat’ is one of the best in country, serving as the appetising companions to any meal of the royal feast.
So, if you happen to be in Lucknow, you are sure to eat the very delicious food. Melt these delicacies in your mouth and decide for yourself, which one is the best, for it’s a cut-throat competition.
This summer, plan your trip to Lucknow, the city of soul food!
Picture Credit: Sanjay Pal

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