The Blunt Public Entertainer!

While travelling through bus in Ghaziabad today, I met an illiterate lady, who irritated all passengers in the bus with her unusual accent. She was trying hard to communicate to everyone in her own alien language. I subtly realized, that India is a land of diversities and that even language changes after every ten miles here!

We, the humble passengers, told her keep silent but even our language was unknown to her. At this moment, I felt as if she was drunk.

She bumped into the bus conductor, telling him that she won’t pay the fare unless she gets a seat to sit, quarreling for over thirty unforgiving minutes in the heat of the day.

This forced an old gentleman to get up from his seat and make her replace his sitting. Later, she gave only fifty rupees, while the fare was sixty six rupees. And when the checking of ticket was done, she even forgot that she paid for the ticket. At this point, I confirmed that she was drunk!

What audacity do people have? After all this melodrama that she created randomly in the bus, she smiled away saying, “I entertained the entire public in the bus.” No doubt madam, you did.

And I believe, your snapshot will entertain the readers too!

Picture credit: My iPhone 😉


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