How the Sunflower Craved for its Sun !

The diagnosis did yield positive results, yet I was sick. The doctors were perplexed by this unfamiliar, undetected disease that I’d caught. Due to this conundrum, they failed to save me.

Had they checked my heartbeat when my eyes met your eyes, they would have known that I wasn’t sick.

I was sunk, I was doomed in your love !

Had they seen how my pupils dilated upon a mere glance at your face, they would’ve known that your fragrance, your grace, your essence and your taste was my medicine.

I craved for the magic that your fingers did to my skin everytime you touched me. I sulked for your words, for their allure soothed my soul.

I craved for you like sunflower craves for the Sun.

Had they known this, they would have saved me, cured me of this ailment.

But now, that I have been deprived of the sunlight, my leaves have wilted away. And maybe, just maybe, a little hope lingers in my subconscious that one day, your sunlight will fall on me and I shall rise again in your love.

09-May-2017 23-11-33

Picture Credit : Deepak Kumar


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