Longing for Belonging…

While the night painted into deeper and deeper shades of blue, her longing eyes were still looking for some belonging in the audacious blankness of the vast sky. Sitting under the labyrinth of those branches, in the company of the tree, that had grown along with her over the years, she had been expecting some magic to happen that night.

She had heard in her childhood that the people who depart from your life, always stay with you, for they have sublimed into immortal forms, renovating themselves as the twinkling stars. She also remembered, that the most loved ones were the brightest shining stars of the millions in the galaxy.

As a child, this befooling trick of her insensitive elders, played well. She was spotted every night on the terrace top, trying to convey her yearnings to the brightest star on the top of her old companion, sparkling like the star on the top of Christmas tree.

She presumed, that this star was her mother, who left this materialistic world, eleven long years back. For nobody can fill the emptiness created by departures, she conversed for long hours, requesting her mother to use her magic wand from above, and fix everything on this earth.

However, as she grew up with science and mathematics gaining momentum as her favourite subjects, she realised that her attachment to the star was a foolish means to provide recreation to her heart. Once you die, you leave forever, without an address to drop a letter or a number make a call.

Once again, she sat under the labyrinth of those branches, in the company of the same tree, that had grown older along with her over the years, expecting some magic to happen this very night, until the night painted into lighter shades of blue, welcoming the weary morning.


Picture Credit: Akash Singh

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