Who hears your voice – Cult or None ?

There is a colossal population of youngsters who entail articulation, franchise and require expression to put forth their opinion. Youth Ki Awaaz (YKA) attempts to provide this platform to the Indian youth to make themselves heard. From unpretentious beginnings, their website www.youthkiawaaz.com has surged up to heights of readership, engagement and immense popularity.

Started by Anshul Tewari in March 2008, the purpose was to fill the huge gap between mainstream media and the voice of young republic. The struggle to give expression to the youth and a voice to the audience was faced first-hand by YKA. For their commendable efforts, the YKA was awarded the prestigious World Summit Youth Award for innovation in e-contact.

Content sites are people-centric and have a rabble concentrated complexion. With a team of about 600 volunteers from round the globe, the site publishes compelling views and articles. These articles undergo a three-step screening process.

The basic motive is to publish the content that incorporates within itself, the potential to provoke positive thoughts or compel the readers to act and excavate on a raised questions and issues that the mainline media misses out. They put forth the notion in a sublimely balanced, yet influential format so as to reach out to a vast population. A number of colleges in India still don’t give their students a fair chance to put up what they think and feel. The primary incentive is to create a multimedia hub of news, views, videos and photos by the youth, for the youth addressing the critical subjects.

Youth Ki Awaaz is expected to have a good base in all the Indian states and editors for each plumb!



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