Notices at Night…

With warnings studded like gems in gravel,
A few roads are haunted hell to travel;
Deceptive destinations don’t have a measured distance,
And walking with principles is a foolish persistence!

Your close ones will snatch your optimism,
Will criticise, seeking rainbow in the prism;
Shunning the principles that govern the result,
Will demotivate adding spicy spoiled insult!

Night after night, I am sleepless and thoughtful,
What evil I did to have parents so scornful?
I have kept all pathways open for exploration,
For fittest survival in twenty four hour rotation!

Yet, nobody believes that my efforts are good,
That someday my name shall be carved in wood;
All good they do is, to sit idle and sarcastically boast,
Of their achievements never meant to raise a toast!

I have distinguished vision and hence my road,
With my own sweat, my own dreams owed;
And I won’t stop by tears to feed your greedy lifestyle,
Prohibiting me from tracing the road in my file!

Ten years from hence, I perceive another me,
Emotionally supporting travellers with glee,
For it takes courage to step out of your comfort zone,
And respond to accusations in a polite tone!

Maybe the road is meant for the wanderer in me,
Seeking self satisfaction within the leaves I see;
That all is mortal and all shall end in grave,
The road you’ve taken makes you brave!

Picture Credit : Deepak Kumar

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