Can We Really Discard Nostradamus’ Prophecies as Coincidences?

Nostredame (Nostradamus) was a French apothecary and clairvoyant. He made predictions about the cataclysmic events that would occur in the future. Most of his prophecies in the form of four line quatrains, have come true.

He predicted First World War as well as the Second World War, the year of Great Fire of London, the sinking of Titanic, assassination of John K Kennedy, death of Princess Diana, Presidential win of Donald Trump, etc.

He wrote: “At forty five degree, the sky will burn. Fire approaches the great new city.” It is believed that 45 degrees refers to the latitude, and coincidently is the latitude passing through New York.

Nostradamus could have been referring to the 9/11 attacks of twin towers?

He wrote: “Mars, Mercury and the moon in conjunction. At the bottom of Asia, an earthquake is reported.”

Nostradamus could have been referring to the great Indian Ocean Tsunami of 2004?

Surprisingly, in his book, he has predicted three antichrists (evil wrongdoers). The first is named ‘Napaulon Roy’ [NAPOLEAN] and the second ‘Hister’ [HITLER]. He has named the third antichrist as ‘Mabus’. The third antichrist is yet to appear and will cause a 27 year-long war. He predicts that the end of third antichrist will bring 1000 years of peace. Is this an indication of the Third World War?

Can we really discard his prophecies as coincidence and ignore the future ones?

Here’s a few of what he predicted for the year 2017 in his writings:

  1. China would make strong moves to get rid off the economic imbalance in the world.
  2. Italy would face doom with widespread unemployment and loans, becoming the nucleus of european crisis.
  3. US (superpower then) would see downfall with the entry of Mr. Trump in its governance.
  4. ‘Hot War’ would be triggered by global warming, as nations will blame each other for the rising temperature.
  5. Solar power would empower the world with clean energy use.
  6. Commercial space travel would be possible, although out of reach of common man.

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