Woodwork is How a Carpenter Shows His Love…

Impressed by the dedication of a skilled artisan, I recognised him to be magician. You can hardly expect what unique transformation a thick tree trunk can go, when touched with the hands of a carpenter. The magician plays the trick his fingers, converting it into a beautiful furniture. It’s his ‘woodwork‘ that make it a member of our daily life.

These might be just furniture for us, but they are too special for them, the creators. Their journey starts in our houses as a new family member. The wooden items live with us each day. They see us eating, listen to our conversations. They absorb our tears, bear our anger. They help us with their company in lonely hours, loaded with our weariness. They are non living, yet bear attachments!

India is rich in handicrafts since the pre independent era. Be it embroidery or weaving, be it pottery or carpentry, painting or tie-n-die, knitting or stitching, skilled labour is enormously available in India. However, the sad part is that they are paid very cheap for the expensive and distinguished work they do, in an era where almost everything, even the food we eat is prepared and served by machines.

If the same continues, the day is not far when these significant magicians will be lost, with their glory contained only in pages of our writings! Let us encourage them,  and reward them with appreciation, for this shall be the best gift to the world on this International Labor Day!

Woodwork by Carpenter

Picture Credit: Akash Singh


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