Everlasting Words!

Do words really affect us?

Or is it a dilemma that words can hurt?

To what extent, words can damage?

Especially the ones used to flirt?

They create a storm that crumbles your intestines. They leave you with a sinking ship feeling. They affect you in ways much harder than anyone else can contemplate. They even make you wonder, if you weren’t made for this world.

They sweep smile right off your face. They pierce your heart through and deep, without noticing the time. They are capable of making you believe, that this isn’t the right place for you.

Is that the leverage of uttered elocution?

To kick in with habitual insomnia at midnight?

To cross all stages of self control?

To show it on face, in work, sitting upright?

Maybe you weren’t made for this world.  Saying it a thousand times won’t matter. It wont make a difference because you become an unstable mess. You do care and you always will. And people will never realise the gospel truth, or maybe this world wasn’t made for you.
And once again insomnia will kick in, mind will loiter, thoughts will box you in and eyes will weep. And once again the cries will be left unheard, agony will fill you in, darkness penetrates the soul and the night is put on hold because God made a mistake while sending you here.
And as happiness will be drained out of you, emptiness will drench you out, for the night has arrived when words will once again backstab you, without the words knowing, without the world knowing!



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