Hollowness !!

Is hollowness, just the absence of things?
Or is it the vacancy created by something that used to be there?

Gazing at the sphere of reference, I wondered if even it was hollow. It can be assumed to be something that  perhaps, isn’t strong enough. We human beings are no different from the sphere of reference, I believe.

But how did hollowness find its way into us? 
Was it invited inside with a conventional letter?
Did it seek our permission before entering? 
Or we allowed it to reside in comfort within us?

There is a curved cavity inside, a blank space that is wasted, an emptiness that could have been occupied by many things, but was left dejected after being rejected by few. It is a void that nobody ever attempted to breach, a chasm nobody ever tried to fill. It is the profound difference between being estranged and getting alienated.

It is not merely a deserted insinuation. It is the dissolution of soul. The destitution of spirit that that leaves us in the vast blankness of nothing. Maybe it has something to do with loneliness. Maybe it has nothing to do with it. Maybe it has something to do with our surrounding or maybe our surrounding has something to do with it. Again, there is hollowness in this thought, spreading for truth.

Is it a state or an emotion? 
Is it reached or found?
Is is natural or developed?
Is it all of the above, or nothing at all?

There’s a better place than this emptiness!


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