Why North Korea is Being Looked Upon With Suspicion by US?

Korea_DMZ.svgThe cold war dates back to World War I, when northern parts of Korea were backed up by Soviet Union, China and its allies while the southern parts of Korea were supported by the United States. Post World War II, the state of Korea saw a military agitation within it’s citizens. This led to the birth of North Korea and South Korea, separated by the Korean Demilitarized State.

As North Korea launches another unsuccessful ballistic missile test, early in the morning on Saturday, it gave effect to its second failure in missile testing this month. However, this second failed ballistic missile test, in defiance to warnings by US, has raised suspicion on North Korea.

A ballistic missile is a short range one, with an arched trajectory (path), fueled initially to go high up into the air and then to fall freely under gravity. US suspects that North Korea has been making repeated efforts to disturb the peace in South Korea with its short range missiles. US President Donald Trumph, highlighted that China has been diffusing positive signals to North Korea and that other nations must limit the sale of conventional weapons, nuclear fuels, coal and iron ore to North Korea.

tweet by trumph

In his tweet, he sarcastically remarked at the failure. Showcasing his concern for the world, he claimed that North Korea is waging a major war against US and if left unchecked, will wage a war against other nations too! I guess he has been too early taken to the fact that diplomatic steps would be difficult to resolve the tensions with North Korea!

NS KOREA-01.jpg

Graphic Credit : Saurabh C Rai


4 Replies to “Why North Korea is Being Looked Upon With Suspicion by US?”

  1. Don’t you think he is playing his cards quite smartly, forcing China (NK’s main alliy) to try to stop North Korea? If he is successful in cornering North Korea by alienating it from China, results might be in his favour, that too diplomatically!

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    1. May be, but US has always found it easier to wage a war, create devastation and warn the world of messing with them. China is smart enough to surpass their force, with a smart answer for everything. Every nation will do testing to empower itself with weapons for future. How can you stop them from doing tests for your suspicion?


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