Letters I Never Posted…

Dear Friend,

I apologise for keeping distance from you, not reciprocating the bitterness, you have to upset me. I don’t have the audacity to filter my emotions, because when I am hurt, I am. The only difference is I put a cap on my mouth, while you don’t.

As of now, I am unable to differentiate the right person, from the two of your incarnations. One of them once instructed me, not to possess attachments with you while the other one felt weird, when I unintentionally forbid socialising.

With such explicit display of possessiveness, from an inexpressive person, I am unconditionally troubled. May be because I have been emotionally foolish enough to give in to honest sharing. Yet, there is no clarity for the blunt discomfort and even the rising discontent.

Kindly google your phone for remedies, that drive me out of this uneasiness. I know, you will continue to be the same, with ‘Idk’ as your evergreen answer. Changes, if any, have to be incorporated in me. And believe me, I am ready for them.


The Emotional Fool.

Picture Credit : Akash Singh


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