Why Christopher Sholes preferred the QWERTY layout on the keyboard?

We look at the keyboard many a times in a day, and usually don’t realise why the keys are arranged in this manner? Why do we have to learn typing on the disorganised alphabetic board of the laptop?

Well, the much accustomed keyboard, has the QWERTY layout, which was devised by a newspaper editor, Christopher Sholes in 1860s for his typewriter.

Originally, he placed the keys in alphabetical order and found that the metal bar on which the keys were placed, got stuck against the paper. It was a convenient layout for people and enabled them to type so fast that the hammers got jammed.

Sholes came up with the idea of reducing their typing speed by placing the keys in a mismatched manner. The hammers of mismatched letters placed in succession were less likely to jam each other now.

As computers replaced the typewriter, QWERTY was adopted as a legacy. And here is why we have to mess everyday with the QWERTY layout on the keyboard!

All thanks to Christopher Sholes!


Picture Credit: Deepak Kumar


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