Why Did You Finish Eating After Me?

I have two amazing juniors in my affectionate garden, who turn away from each other every now and then. Well, it’s true that fighting is birthright of juniors, but what to do when the subject of arguments is not broken pencils or toys? When it is not half-read comics or teasing?

Well, it might sound strange that food feeds them for dispute. Be it the burgers at Mr Brown or pizzas at Dominos, the two will be in utterly bitterly strict competition to eat more, trespassing all dining manners and making the third one on the table feel embarrassed!

All in all, there’s a charming conversation, with a tinge of taunt and pinch of peace, to let the saliva moisten everyone’s throat long before eating begins. Deserts find a special mention, for they have no terms and conditions to be swallowed at once, without the knowledge of the other.

Why did you start eating without my permission?
Why did you choose the bigger bite?
Why did you finish eating after me, did you eat more?

Well, scorn drops in when the item in the ordered menu don’t have their common yes, and also, when either one of them goes out partying with friends, and comes back to tease the other one with the praises of delicacy. These two young lads have this one thing in common, to be hungry as well as angry over food!


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