When Did You Last Sleep ?

Dear eyes,

Your conspiracy to bring floods into my room, irks me.

I really wonder when did you last sleep?

You have been shedding tears for an unworthy heart since so long, for you unfortunately found in them, the faith, they never deserved.
You were too innocent to fall prey to the lucrative gestures of human physiognomy, inciting infatuation that eventually dumped you. By now, I believe, all your tears have dried out. It is high time for you to realise that semblance is deceptive and perilous. Nothing is more deceitful than the aspects of pulchritude.

It hurts me to watch you lose your glee to an abominable agony.

I have been admonished against the drug-house at the corner of the street, wondering why nobody bothered to warn you about that heartbeat, that made you lose all the hues of life.

I beg you to reinstall courage, for often in life, we have to put our memoir into flames, in order to demolish them. With each ignition, we write it over and heal our pain. I hope, no more tears will roll down, enabling the sparkle of each wink!

No wonder you are Pastel Pretty !!



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