Happily Ever After?

Once upon a time in history it was never said, that if something loses it’s existence or changes it’s appearance, it never had any valuable experiences.

Every fallen, dead leaf, once danced enthusiastically on a windy day,
Every drenched, wrecked ship, once sailed high spirited on bay!

Everything that attains an end, definitely had a beginning. Birth and death are two universal truths, and the journey between these two, is what we call life!

Every blunt, insensitive word, once lived happily in the heart,
Every soiled, dirty feet, once treaded wisely in the mart!

Yet again, we make mistakes, unintentionally hurting people and inciting the fire in them for arguments. The scratches are scars, urging to escape.

Every sleepless, moistened eye, once gaily fell prey to infatuation,
Every hidden, secret diary, once met pen in hours of isolation!

But since the show must go on in orderly chaos, we shed disgust and paint a fake mask over our faces. This is how the world is to be dealt with until the end.

Every afraid, strict father, once rejoiced proudly for his daughter,
Every dark, glitchy ditch, once enjoyed rampant flow of water!

We all have adhered to changes, although they cause dissatisfaction, for it is the need of the hour.  In the end, it doesn’t even matter!

It was all once upon a time, and nothing retained it’s original form, as said in the stock phrase of fairy tales, ‘happily ever after’.


Picture Credit: Aakash Singh


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