The Heritage Talk

Everything in the present and everything in the future, is interconnected with everything in the past. This is why, everything can be explained by going back far enough in history, zooming in for exploration.

History, uninterestingly viewed as a series of past events connected with a particular person or thing, has a more extensive purpose to serve, by helping us to have a better apprehension of ourselves and our humanity, in order to better face the challenges waiting for us in the future. EDTED.jpg

How many of us know the reason behind the long duration construction of Bada Imambara and that too when Awadh was struck with famine? Well, Nawab Asif ud Daula wished to give employment to all, to indirectly help his dignified people. Half of them were to construct it during the day, while half of them to break it down at night, both being paid respectively for their jobs.

We have dates, we have places, we have monuments, we don’t have understanding! Every event in history had an impact, which is intriguing.

How many of us knew that the very first instance of demonetization was given effect during the reign of Mohammad bin Tughluq? It was during his rule that fake currency originated, and in order to curb the menace, he ordered new currency.

The traditional, empirical school of history has lost its lustre by the way history is put up in textbooks. History has become ‘His Story’, where the chapters focus on a particular king and his achievements, rather than the reasons behind his wars, pacts and ordeals.

How many of us know the reason behind being told not to sweep the floor at night? The superstition says, we must not pick up the broom after the sun sets and we blindly follow it. The fact from history is that we never had proper lighting during those days, which would have caused loss of valuable money or jewelry lying on the floor, if broomed off in the dark. 

The two basic pillars of history, relevance and reasoning, are kept far away only to allow the facts and figures to be replaced by rumours. We study and mug up interpretations, which are made by humans later, rather than knowing the cause that led that happen.

I guess, history will be a more popular subject now!

Picture Credit: Deepak Kumar


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