Strange Familiar?

Whilst sitting under the monotonous moonlit sky, his thoughts oscillated to places far and wide. The quietude was interrupted by a shooting star, on its journey to the Earth.

Since he had heard of the shooting star granting wishes, he couldn’t help but wonder, “How can anything that’s falling itself quench someone else’s thirst of desires?” 

The selfless things he did for people while he was about to crumble, flashed like a motion film before his eyes. He then thought about the sun burning itself to illuminate the universe as well as the moon, shape shifter to some, fetching its existence from the sun and being mocked during day.

Now, the comets appeared like vagabonds – lost while wandering, not knowing where they’re heading, not knowing where they will die, just like him.

He learnt, even the universe was born after an explosion and that he was not the only thing that was strange familiar !!

Picture Credit: Aakash Singh


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