Letters to Infinity

As she sat alone in her dungeon of despair, she glanced at the clock. Time ran like a train, akin to the memories in her head. 

Having learnt by now, how to pronounce the word “PAPA”, she embraced her prize in the form of hugs and kisses. She tried to walk but tripped and fell. She got hurt and wept, but found solace in the sweets given by her father.

28-Mar-2017 19-15-02Now, when she thought of that indelible time spent with her father, the wind blew, shattering her heart into infinite pieces.

He was leaving her.

Her time travel took her to the fourth grade when she won her first dance competition.

“That girl, that splendid dancer over there! She is my daughter!”

As she heard the roaring winds, her father’s voice echoed in her head like a gunshot in a valley. 

He was leaving her.

As she sat in utter solitude, a million thoughts cuddled in her mind. With a blanket of stars gazing constantly upon her, she tried to reflect back their intensity to the sky. She attempted to answer all the questions that lingered in her conscience.

Which of those stars twinkled bright enough to resemble the glee in her father’s eyes ? Were those calm stars, cold enough to resemble the invisible blaze in her heart ?

A sudden reminder alarmed her. 

He was leaving her.

As she sat in dread silence, all her words died out. To her, it appeared as if God was about to take her entire world, by surprise. It resembled closely to the sand, slipping from her hands. She tried to hold on but found nothing to look up to. He was leaving her.

As she glanced through the window at the rain-filled puddles, she reverted to the time when she sailed paper-boats made by her father.

Did his departure meant no more boats? Neither hugs nor chocolates nor Jalebi, neither bike-rides nor “Your mom is gonna kill me!” 

Nothing that bore her essence was alive now.

He was leaving her.

As she watched the clouds about to pour their pain upon the Earth, a text popped up in her phone-screen,

Boarded the plane. All set to go !

In that moment, the notion of the clock ceased, her emotions, feelings, thoughts and even her soul became devoid of any sensation. She searched the sky for the aeroplane that created unfathomable distance between them. She rummaged the sky for her ray of sunshine, but never found it.

And, he left her.

Picture Credit : Deepak Kumar


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