Solemn Speech In Solitude

There are instances when troubles drop in multitude, but there are people backing you up, without your knowledge. The mountains by the side of river, support it wholeheartedly throughout the journey, protecting it from storms and preserving its beauty. However, the river cuts the mountains, while making its way forward. How unjustified?

But wait, how often do we accommodate that truth behind what we see?  What happens to the unconditional love and support bestowed upon us from unknown sources? Is a verbal confession of souls, surrounding you round the clock really necessary?

Well, this is the question, I raised through my ‘Solemn Speech In Solitude’.

A little rain shower
A walk in the crowded street
A close encounter with irony
And a reminder with every heartbeat?

A storm in mind
A strange fear at the door
A bunch of innocent questions
And a vacant space to speak before?

A persistent river
A valley to shadow grace
A slow and steady principle flowing
And an urge to someday win the rat race?

A look at the vast sky
An infinite movie in consolation
A vague fear thundering disturbances
And unsought reviews to grow hesitation?

A gentle criticising breeze
A whirling cyclone taking shape
A silence subjugating the absolute forces
And facial fake expressions to drape?

A debated isolation
A world turning undesirable
A thirst not quenched by love or care
And a pair of eyes still longing at the table?

A human disappointment
A showcase of ‘parallax’ on earth
A life confused with some sort of mutiny
And a guilt to ponder, is that wait really worth?

We, being human beings, look for support. We, being friends, must stay by each other. Because we, being together, can achieve anything as high as the sky and as deep as the river.

Look at the sky, the mountains, the breeze, and everything that is a part of nature, assisting the river in its journey, without a word for complain. Now look at us, sitting with encyclopedia of complains, criticising others for things they have not executed and waiting for a miracle to happen.

There is one word answer for all the questions mentioned in the speech above : ‘Yes’.

Until we learn the solemn lessons from nature, we shall always stand in solitude, for this is what shall fill your today with strength and glorify your tomorrow with achievements.

The riverfront

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