A Morning At Charbagh!

Early in the morning, the tweets from the birds by my window, while I was seated in the train compartment, had much more than sweet musings to inject into the peaceful breeze, for they had been a dynamic witness to the changes lives have seen while getting down at Charbagh, Lucknow.

Although, I was at the railway station of my home town, who has recently made it to the top of the list of upcoming 13 smart cities in India, I could completely relate why it has earned the title. The station itself has undergone an evident transformation in the past couple of years, patiently welcoming many more new residents and warmly bidding adieu to existing dwellers. With all its charm, it has been an important station for each and everyone who has been here.

There are students, who step into this town with dreams, heavier than their own skeleton, to transform them into reality. Well, there are engineering and medical colleges, mushrooming to serve these infant burdens.

There are youngsters, who immigrate to seek employment opportunities in the city. The credit goes to the widespread development and booming organisations, that assure a better lifestyle.

There are relatives, who land to please their eyes with breathtaking handicraft of Chikanari, to fill their stomachs with mouth-watering Awadhi Cuisine and to feed their thoughts with traditional culture, while being unrented guests at your house.

Also, the inhabitants in this wealthy city, like me and you, emigrate to more developed cities in search of our careers, better establishments and proficiency, sitting in the compartments of trains that stop at Charbagh.  There was a proud tincture of the Ganga Jamuni Tehzeeb, flowing in the breeze, I was breathing. There was a late realization of the affection, dwelling in the tweets, I was listening. There were mixed feelings of joy and remorse, with sighs after each thought. There was a city waiting for me, and this is the city that brought me up. Here I sit in this compartment, departing to some other place, but Lucknow, I will be back home again, sitting in the compartment of some other train, once I win the rat race.

20-Feb-2017 23-15-48

Picture Credit: Deepak Kumar

Whosoever is associated with this incredible city will surely be mesmerised with these lines,

Kya kahe ahl-e-dil ke liye kya hai Lucknow, Har sheher har dayaar se acha hai Lucknow,

Tehzeeb koi meri nigaah mein jachegi kya, Meri nigahe shauk ne dekha hai Lucknow


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