Letters I Never Posted….

Dear Ego,

I have often found you dwelling in individuals, in their physical anatomy, without paying any worthy rent to them. This is quite unjustified, especially when you aim at constructing castles in the air. And then, you will crave for credit, showcasing sheer stupidity while enumerating your achievements!

Mostly anger, frustration and arrogance, your affectionate siblings, loiter around you in your unrented apartment, causing unstipulated damage and irreparable loss, simultaneously.

You all thrive on dead remains of positive energies, killing the best in an individual. Maybe because you eat up the ingenuity. I have also noticed egoistic individuals, running short on blood. Maybe because you use the hemoglobin carrier for your drinking purpose. Astonishingly, their nervous system reactions are either too impromptu or too insensitive. Maybe because you have made a bed out of the cross linked neurons.

Your interference in lives is disastrous, often culminating into an unnatural calamity, that too in embarrassing public. I would advise you to concentrate on keeping your heavy gravity light, so that it licenses the individuals to maintain healthy spirit with their fellow beings. And I will be waiting to see the change in you!

From, the helpless individual



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