Being Friends With Technology

The world is small, but we run in big circles, enslaved by technology. Most of us begin our day by checking the notifications of our facebook, whatsapp, twitter and instagram accounts, instead of brushing our teeth! Our breakfast is served at our news feed while our stomachs are filled by likes, comments and shares! Seriously?

Internet has made the world a small town again. Everything, from groceries to clothing, from recharges to consultancy, from books to cabs, from dating to enjoyment, is just a click away. We can save our moments permanently in the form of photographs, and even enjoy a show live without being at the spot! The user friendly technology has minimized the tensions of daily life and geared up smooth drive.

But because this is a small world and we might meet again, via social accounts, I can’t afford to be fraudulent about the other side of the friendship coin. Youngsters have begun losing command over spellings, with the growing use of auto correct feature. More importantly, the vocabulary is dominated by slang, much to my dislike.

Also, gadgets have become the top most mandatory commodities in today’s world. A person may be ready to survive without food, water and clothes, but you dare eradicate the gadgets from his/her life, and see a ferocious villain being born. Here, electricity becomes the second necessity, to charge the gadgets of course. And replacing the third spot is data pack or active wifi connection.

Undoubtedly, gadgets, electricity and wifi connection have become the basic necessities of life. Well, this is what we have got as a present from our eminent friend, technology!

I hope I am not mistaken!



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