Letter’s I Never Posted….

Dear smile,

I am very disappointed with your hide and seek monopoly. You never grasped so much footage earlier and quickly sneaked onto my face, every now and then. But now a days, you have turned a deaf ear to me, leaving me in solitude. 

I just want to let you know that I’m desperately missing your companionship. You’re absence is making me go bananas. 

You know, my friends are suspicious of the fact that I have fallen in love this February. And that’s why you are missing from my life. However the case isn’t the same.

You are contagious, spreading like an epidemic in hours of avid eye contacts. You are an exceptionally brilliant answer to the clauses not deserving an explanation. You reflect that not answering is also a form of answer. 

You always help me elope word based conversations, without taking services of my tongue. You help me curtain the shades of shattered, trodden and buried scars, that would otherwise make this world classify me as weak. Although, real fragility is being away from you.

It irks me to notice frown. You have enemity with him I guess, therefore you are always missing from the spot. To me, you are an ornament, precious and rarely possessed.

And astonishingly, you convey incorrigible emotions so smoothly, that even words begin to blush. Undoubtedly, your size from a small hiding smirk to a broad thirty two inch one, intensifies the elevation of elation. 

My days and nights are incompete without you. I hope you will return soon.

From, the gloomy girl

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