My Library, My Paradise!

Since childhood, I have had the greatest, the wisest, the honest of all confidants, always by my side. This uniquely magical companion has always played multifarious roles in my life. Often, it has been a cautious counsellor, explaining stuffs to me. Often, it has been a triumphant teacher, dictating lessons to me. And often, it has been a glad guide, portraying colours of life.

Wondering who? Well, who else than books!

They have often seen those sides of me, which nobody has ever seen. They have been patiently waiting in my bag, whenever I was attending the classes. They have affectionately shrouded my tears, whenever I was feeling lonely. They have sheltered red roses from the sight of parents, whenever I was presented a proposal. They have given me choices to switch over the genres, whenever I felt bored with constant company of one. They have even slept with me, whenever I was weary. Amusingly, they have been secret holders to my calligraphic decorations, whenever I was entertaining a useless conversation over the phone!

Believe me, if I am asked to define paradise, it would not be some fantasised lofty gardens with climbers, tangled boughs of flowers and a cascade of shining waters. It will be a lavish library, overflowing with bountiful books that engage, and make me fall in love at every page. The joy of opening a book, after glancing for hours, at its cover and being lost in an entirely unknown world, is one of a kind experience in itself. To me, an hour spent reading, is an hour spent in paradise.

Quiet contrary to the company of this materialistic world, books have never broken my trust or betrayed my faith. Unlike the selfish motives masked by sugar coated tongues, books have never neglected my existence or ignored my presence. Not once or twice, but many a times I have confronted this strange fact.

This is why, the moment I decide to curb my addiction for reading books, the very next moment I realize that it was the worst moment of my life! It’s like taking away my heart, without an option of transplant, completely eradicating all chances of survival.

I must take the opportunity of informing all the thieves, to rob away everything from my house – all the cash, all the jewelry, all the antiques, but not my books, for they are a rarely possessed treasure, that make me experience paradise on this earth.



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