Those Coveted Wings

Sheltered in a pitcher, the injured bird always eluded a flight. There were permanent traffic jams on her flight, betraying her faith in this selfish world. 

Her thoughts were wounded, and so were her wings. There was intense terror in mere anticipation of this thought. 

There was a prison she locked herself into, with a strange key, that nobody could find.

One day from the bars, she peeped outside. There was a confident bird inciting her to traverse the world, to uplift her spirits, to move out of her damsel in distress phase. 

She was motivated, her wings flapped, her eyes sparkled, but as she took her flight, the bars of the prison abstained her from eloping. 

Helpless, the bird once again lost faith in this selfish world, deciding never to peep out again.

Being afraid makes you aloof from being independent. Always remember, nothing can stop you but your own self-marked boundaries. The only constraint to your flight is the visa your will power issues. 

Also, if you’ve installed a door somewhere, the keys must be within reach, to unlock it as and when desired. Otherwise, life is but a prison, confined within the cemented selfish walls.


Picture Credit: Akash Singh


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