The Bumble Bee

Into those mountains, valleys and trees, you’ll find the eager beaver bees.

They travel for miles to avoid mischance, communicating joy with their dance.

They eat from all fruits and flowers, collecting sweet nectar for hours.

Varying colour drink emerges from their bellies, as sugary as a bowl full of jellies!

So perfectly the team works together, contributing bit by bit in every weather!

Their colonies consolidate into great, as virgin queens with drones mate.

Larvae fed by the young bees in comb, spend life as a forager for home!

The swarm moves from site to site, sucking delicacy in every bite!

And as they construct their waxy home, they remind me of ancient Rome!

The swarm reflects pure dedication, working for others without expectations!

Their unity drills my poor heart, when they attack a dangerous cart.

Yet again, we have lessons coming from nature, human beings must learn from this creature.

Distinguishing men from men, standing apart, is like offering the wrong amount at the mart.

Wonderfully by the flower ‘busy bumble bee’, taught me huge lessons while at her tea.

I hope our conscience is not totally rot, there’s a sign for people who give a thought!


9 Replies to “The Bumble Bee”

  1. The society of bees and ants too is very disciplined and sophisticated too …where every member is assigned a particular task…they do it religious and even sacrifice their lives for …a lot to learn from them for humans…wonderful write dear…have a nice day Zainab

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