Letters I Never Posted…

Dear human beings,

Having felt gutted while beholding your barbaric behaviours, I am startled by your multifaceted representations and your love for capital, which is beyond my comprehension. But since many ambidextrous human beings credit me, the ‘dog’, as their best friend, I would like to extend my concern.

I have often come across dominating conversations with the maid, gardener, driver or cook, being accused for a goof actually committed by someone else. Please learn to admit your fallacy.

I have often seen you people attending carefully to loud music while literally turning a deaf ear to what others have to communicate. Others might be willing to voice their views or to share their ailment, but you are not ready to listen. Please attend your loved ones.

I have often noticed you moving out with different partners and your legal partner coming in with someone else. You are cheating over each other, without exhibiting the same, exploiting liberty. Please be loyal to your partners.

Also, monetary deposits have made you people go bananas. With door to door luxuries blowing your mind off, a slightly rich payment can drive you down the illegal lines. Please follow  certain principles strictly.

Although I know it’s like asking the helpless candle to melt in the light of golden sun, I would also like you people to treat me well. I need you to wake up in an orderly fashion everyday to fill my bowl, otherwise my bark will serve as your alarm clock. Kindly don’t dress me in the manner you please, I am proud of my furs. I may use whatever furniture I please, even if you are already sitting on it. I deserve a walk in the park as well. And last but not the least, appreciate me when I alert you of dangers and help you evade them.

I know this won’t please you, but being your best friend, I had to convey my grievances. Astoundingly, human beings can learn a lot from a dog as well!

From,  Your Best Friend, Dog.

Picture Credit: Akash Singh


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