The Untuned Guitar!

I was repeatedly making stern endeavors to play the pragmatic tune since past ten days. I had only the stars, my uninvited audience, to attend to the sweat of my brow. And believe me, I never want anyone to come across the broken strings of my guitar, across the untiring efforts to fix them.

This time, the chords I played didn’t reverberate faithfully. I was sure that someone else had disturbed my guitar. Since the cause of imperfection was concealed, the scrutiny was quiet intriguing. The strings were all in place, but the strings were improperly fastened. I got the flaw. The guitar was untuned.

All the strings might appear in their place, but the well tuned guitar had lost grace.

The notes it played didn’t justify the situation, might be the guitar was left aloof for a long duration.

It was untuned with unsynchronised tensions of strings, it was show time and I couldn’t explain the things.

With the untuned guitar and invincible conviction, I played my unedited tune. I slowly realized, the tune had become dusk from dawn, as if mourning was the subject. I was misapprehended with a genuine untuned guitar. I was held responsible for spoiling the entire show with my unedited tune. Hardly anyone knew that the distracting tune was on account of the tensions in the strings. The entire embarrassment was borne by the person playing the guitar, and that’s me.

Often in life, people of good will have a shallow understanding of situations, which is disheartening. 

When genuine intentions are looked upon with suspicion, the feeling resembles smothering a person and leaving antagonized at a place where there is no hospital nearby.

So, always play the ‘tuned’ guitar or abstain from performing risk on the stage. Not everyone is brave enough to face such amusing situations!

Picture credit: Akash Singh


17 Replies to “The Untuned Guitar!”

      1. Actually, a recent incident in a friend’s life left him aloof due to shallow understanding of another person. I had to explain him things and I told him this story. That when fault is of someone else and someone else is blamed, things go wrong!

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