Inside Out!


Because life is a journey and not a destination, it must always be in motion without hesitation.

I want to run against the storm, I want to sail against the wind. I want to fly against the raindrops, I want to swim against the stream.

I want to be careless and fearless as I were years back, not pestered by the worldly remorse and not troubled by words of some one else’s talk.

I want to experience rise and fall. I want to cherish love and hatred. I want to capture tears and smiles. I want to preserve the hidden me and show up later.

I want to arrive and even depart. I want to meet and even part.

I want to stay silent and even shout. I want to shatter and recollect my doubt.

I want to chase the most fascinating stuffs and never stop. So that, when I look back I have enough to narrate to this world.


22 Replies to “Inside Out!”

    1. Yeah.. we have lost ourselves, our inner desires in the pursuit of materialistic benefits.. in the end it’s like ‘dil to bachcha hai ji’. Come one take out some time for your ownself as well!

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      1. About Literature! These contemporary novels have lost the complete essence of it! I believe literature too needs reformation and people like you have a great capability to bring it on!

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      2. I’m flattered by your faith in my writing skills. Thank you so much for that. I believe that digital books are one major factor that literature is losing it’s true essence. Authors like Sidney Sheldon, Ken Follet, Jeffery Archer and many more belong to the age of paperback which had quality novels published and not every second person trying to promote a shitty piece of work through social media. The need for literature reformation, my friend, is very much needed. A cleansing wave.

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      3. Glad that you are lured with my comment. But somehow, paperback needs to be back to keep the true spirit of writing back into mainstream. At least the readers should benefit from what they are reading not just reading and forgetting it in the next moment!

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      4. Exactly! If Paulo Coehlo wrote ‘The Alchemist’ as a series of chapters over a blog, would it have been an acclaimed novel? If Robin Sharma released ‘The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari’ as a digital e-book, would it have been able to inspire the lives of millions? No. Paperback books were, are and will always be the best way to read literature. No matter how advanced Kindle becomes, it can never match the true spirit and the feeling of holding a new book, shuffling the pages and inhaling the smell a book freshly off the shelfs give and turning every page with our fingers to proceed further.

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      5. The charm of bookmarks, inciting readers to continue from where they left, the careful re-examination of a conversation to get the emotions, the collection of books to build your own library, everything is losing essence! Hope the scenario brings in a reformation soon! πŸ€—

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