Monetary Happiness

Well, I had heard that money is a good slave but a bad master. I found it true when money took the lead, aligning all it’s masters in ques outside the Banks, Post offices and ATMs, following the invalidation of 500 and  1000 rupee notes in India.
The rich went to the poor, asking for some currency change,

The poor wanted to help, but the pockets were out of range!

The real change was here, the slave became the master,

There was anxiety-fear-tension, growing manifold thereafter!

Money that gave wings to day-dreams, failed successfully in granting vision,

Money that gave bungalows-cars-gold, started ending up in wrong decisions.

The rich were becoming richer, the poor were becoming poorer,

For only food-clothing-shelter, the clarion call came nearer!

Money that serves hungry stomachs, money that blankets uncovered men,

Money that lights up dark homes, is money well spent as per my pen.

Often money can purchase, the not on sale satisfaction,

But only when yours lies in reflecting other face’s reaction!

It’s a bad master, it can drive you down the criminal lines,

Make it a destined slave, spending wisely over intoxicating wines.

I hope soon the gap bridges, there be no distinction of poor from rich,

It’s not about money but your heart, and the time you amend your stich!

It’s true, the commom public is facing a lot of problems in exchanging old currency for new one, but this is a necessary evil for a much brighter future.


7 Replies to “Monetary Happiness”

  1. I heard companies are using their Customer’s Pancard copies or companies are using their employee’s Pancard copies and depositing money into their accounts.
    I feel the Govt should have first ensured enough of stock of 50’s, 100’s before slashing the old 500/- and 1000/-.
    Now even if you get a 2000/- new note, no shop wants to take it, since “change” is not available !! Everyone wants only 50’s and 100’s.
    Or those who have plastic money are cool !!

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  2. I know to well. I hate money! You don’t have to look far for the example of how money changes people and they exchange what matters most and that’s family and friends in name of the Almighty Dollar . Look at the place I live here in the so called United States. It’s far from united ! There’s so many who have sold their soul for money. I’m one of the few that hasn’t and I never will cause my heart is true to what I love most and that’s people just like you . I have integrity and that’s all I need . God is more than enough

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