Childhood Never Dies!

I stood before the mirror, quiet surprised, an innocent girl was peeping from behind.

I saw her climbing up to her father’s shoulder, for that was the only ‘high’ thing in her mind.

She gently pulled his cheecks and took a round, proud of her position, being her father’s crown.

I saw her glittering and giggling in her mother’s lap, and finishing glass of milk, noticing her frown. 

She placed her lips onto her forehead, it was time to sleep, and as she retired to bed, a lullaby bounded love so deep.

She flew an aeroplane, she drove a train, she mastered all professions in her brain.

How innocent were dreams, how inexpensive were desires, only toys and pencils got broken, there were no liars.

Fearlessly she woke up, aimlessly she dressed, mother tied pony while father blessed.

That bag, that bottle, that lunchbox, I saw them all, with a barter of two rupees, she entered into school’s wall.

There she was taught maths and science, who knew one day she’ll admire old lines.

Playing for hours, teasing each other unintentionally, fighting for toys, saving coins traditionally.

There is childhood still hiding in you and me, it hasn’t died out, it’s just we cannot see.

Those scoldings, those punishments, those fevers, those sneezes, all scenes stood behind the mirror, I wish time freezes.

I wish I could live them once again, laughing and crying at the same time, I wish I were a child again, enchanting everyone with my nursery rhyme.

Even today when you run and hide behind the trees, and in parks with your friends, you sit crossing your knees! 

You bring out the child hiding inside, the child not noticed over the years, the child you are for your parents, no matter life shifts infinite gears.

Let's find the child hiding in you and me!

Happy Children’s Day!


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