Electing Education.

With elections waiting next door, youngsters in the Republic of India, are looking forward to electing education this time.

Undoubtedly, the elected representatives are face of the nation, and therefore, need to be competent enough to form a civilized government. Yet, many a times, potential contestants of elections lack basic education, that makes them cut off with the youth. 

Now, the question arises that leadership is an ability and varies from person to person. What has leadership to do with education?

Well, the 21st century demands the democratic setup to walk with the majority of the nation, the building blocks of the future. Now, this is what makes ‘electing education’in developing India a must.

Educated people, not necessarily knowledgeable, are in touch with recent advancements, developments and thoughts prevailing in the nation. It incorporates broad minded approach, discipline, punctuality, sincerity and good decision making power in individuals, that enhances their leadership.

In the end, I believe if one has to be an influential communicator and a future visionary, one must keep a room for new ideas in nation building. When people like Chandrababu Naidu set examples of round the clock development in the city of Hyderabd, my heart beats to ‘elect education’ this time.

With a thorough knowledge of nation’s past, a deep understanding of nation’s present and a bright vision of nation’s future, don’t you think it is mandatory for you and me, the citizens of a soverign, socialist, secular, democratic, republic, to ‘elect education?

It definately is, if and only if, India of my dreams hams to be consolidated!


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