​A bond. A companionship. A promise.

To every girl, sitting home brings a marriage proposal and to every boy, finding a job does the same. Especially, in our nation, India.
Matrimony is believed to have symphony with the phrase called ‘happily ever after’. 

Although, it is a synonym for a multilevel commitment, from person to person, family to family, realtive to relative, circumstance to circumstance.

It comes with a clause to make selfless sacrifices for the sake of maintaining the view of a relatively permanent bond. 

It is an institution most suited to rearing and socializing the next generation, a necessary task if the society itself is to be perpetuated.

However, the real necessities for matrimony are never understood. There’s a right time, right age and right person for everything. 

But since matrimony is believed to have symphony with the phrase ‘happily ever after’, Indian families find it lucrative. And much to our amazement, rarely matrimony in India fails.

Two lifes entangle into one, sharing seasons in the sun. 

New lives decorate their family, to continue the tradition of matrimony.

Amidst the sorrows and laughter, cooperating to live happily ever after.


14 Replies to “Matrimony.”

    1. I don’t know how mine statement turn into poetry.. well, thank you… this was an article inspired by my parents.. who are looking forward to matrimony in our family as a cyclic process that passes from generation to generation. πŸ™‚

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  1. The marriages last but are they happy? I am truly interested in different cultures .
    Do the men and women meet date and fall in love or are the marriages arranged through parents ? . very interested .

    I knew a Muslim female Doctor that was told marry or be a doctor see chose medicine rater than marry a stranger.

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      1. it is just a foreign concept to me but I can truly appreciate the idea. Most people rush into marriage way too fast in American so they are basically marrying a strange . I say that because people put their best foot forward while dating the short time and in my experience they can be a total opposite once the ring goes on and you think what the heck happened to my boyfriend .
        Maybe it is better for someone older and wiser to choose God knows I wasn’t good at it .

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  2. To Continue the Tradition of Matrimony !! Hah what a sentence !!
    But really Zinni, do you think, we youth today, care a damn about Matrimony ? Except for the grand reception party and diamonds and designer wear, after that, people hardly stay happy with each other. Divorces are more common these days.

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    1. This is one term, on the top of dislike list of youth. πŸ˜› I mean, at a young age every one wishes to you be free and often confuse matrimony as being caged. However if you have a right companion, life ahead is more beautiful both as a journey and as a relationship.


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