Transient Existence.

Triggered by the sun’s heat, vapors from the ocean form a cloud, A drop departs from the sky, concealing itself in a transparent shroud.

Quiet excited, it plays with the birds, it fights with the wind, On its way of transient existence, dreaming of its Rosalind.

Encountering twists and turns while going round and round, The drop was suddenly frightened by the strong storm’s sound.

A thunderstorm awaited, inviting heavy rain shower, The feeble drop gathered, all by itself, bravely that hour.

For the tiny droplet, acute sunshine comes to the rescue, It was out of danger, blessed to be one of the very few.

Golden rays peeping through the surviving drops,

Formed a beautiful rainbow over the golden crops.

The experienced droplet now admired it’s worth, Proud of everything it came across, since birth.

And yes it admits, the rainbow was its Rosalind, Whom it closely followed, going with the wind.

Steadily it settled for the destination earth, Resting on a tender leaf, looking for a hearth.

Gently, it slid down to the land, Losing its essence into the sand.

The drop enjoyed, learned, and loved, In an hour of existence, lived and served.

The leaf did support the guest until it slipped, And witnessed the funereal, like others, tight-lipped.

This was life of a drop, between the earth and sky, Just like the drop, in graves, all mortal men shall lie.

Between the day we are born and the day we’ll die, Enjoy, learn and live like the drop, without a sigh!

Picture credit: Akash Singh


5 Replies to “Transient Existence.”

  1. Zinni so much depth in your post and the picture was so apt that the drop simply merged in the leaf. Yes we are like the drop or maybe even a dot that he sends according to our impressions until we realize that we are only that. So beautiful I simply loved the way you have written.

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