Your Happy Son

I remember, I do remember, chucking in your soft arms,

Broad smiles decorating faces, with news spreading across all farms.

I was your ‘first’ son but you became my ‘best’ friend,

I promise to love you longest mom, ignoring the death end.

I was afraid of darkness, I hid from strangers behind the tree:

Yet my fears vanished away, discovering my savior beside me!

Although I have grown up, I’m still your baby who yawns:

Longing for those scoldings, just like the immature newly-borns.

I have troubled you a lot while getting a bath or being fed,

I have given you sleepless nights, exchanging illness as papa said.

I have torn pages of expensive books, broken innumerable toys,

I have had stubborn demands of sports items amongst all the boys!


Your unchallenged faith, makes you the anchor of my life-

I will always hold your hand: making you eat, bath and sleep before my wife!

I will take you out on your wheelchair, like you took me out in my pram,

I will sing a peaceful lullaby to you, like you sang to me even in a traffic jam!

I will make your bedding, like you always arranged my room,

I will share your illness, like you prevented me once from doom.

I believe, I am a happy son, with chubby cheeks and dimple chin,

Millions I met but none like you, feeling the same from within.



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