Everytime I come across a milestone while traversing my destined path, I am evoked to the fact that a very little of the journey remains.It is love that drives our carriages towards the end of life, passing by a large number of people, achievements and milestones. 

The sounds of silence inspire to move to next milestone and sanctity of shadow keeps the memoirs of the last milestone afresh. 

And it is love that nourishes us all this while and love that runs our carriage, and love that shall never run out of stock. 

If the carriage breaks down in between, the journey remains incomplete. The last milestone remains unaccomplished. The carriage loses it’s worth. The same love that supported your carriage so far, is held guilty for the accident.

In the end, the carriage embraces eternity. And life is portrayed as a colloseum of milestones accomplished all along the path. 


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