Heart of Lucknow: Aminabaad

Being born into a family that dwells in the heart of this city is something that has given me memories for life. Whenever I am driving my two wheeler into those pencil thin lanes, a smile spreads on my face. I am actually taking a reverse gear into my childhood. A three storeyed ancestral house at the end of the lane, with a huge wooden door at the entrance, and confusing steep stairs leading to the terrace. The royalty of scenario is still afresh in my reminiscence.

There is a stereotyped lifestyle residing in the air of Aminabaad. Being one of the senior most shopping destination in the city, it’s praises are worthy of consideration.ย Neither the hustle bustle of bargaining nor the heat of multitude deters the attraction of Lucknowites for Aminabaad. People are attracted towards the heart of city just like swarms of bees and my two wheeler creeps on the road just like an ant.

The mouthwatering delicacies luring the shoppers, the ravishing outfits inspiring your imagination, the packed streets testing your patience, everything has stayed the same in so many years. After all the heart needs to be young forever to keep the entire city exuberant!



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