Enlightened Diwali

Three days back, my siblings and cousins, were after me to be the judge for the case was pending in the court of home. Being the eldest in the family, I am carefully obeyed by all, in my generation. Well, the decision was to be passed over the colour of lights to be used for decoration of our house. And it was tough. Not only because they all were lingering around to opt for the colour scheme they proposed, but also for the vivid array of lights lying before me. With immense patience, the decoration was done, lighting up all our lives.

So, the festival of lights is here with all it’s pomp and show. The markets are full of hand made toys, milk based sweets, decorative diyas and enthusiastic folks. Amidst the celebration, we must not forget that there are a large number of homes that stay dark even on this day. A few of them are families not capable of funding this grandeur. And few of them are families of soldiers who sacrificed their lives at the border. For those dark homes, be a candle that lights up their life. For those warriors, be a cracker that infuses fear in others.

I believe, greater happiness lies in doing things for others.

This Diwali, let us light up our lives by spreading happiness.



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