Hands of Support

The child carefully observed his father working with clay on his wheel. He was completely magnetized by the center of the rotating wheel. His father was sculpting a new functionally prudent product, keeping in view the demands of future. He understood that the clay is dependent on the ‘hands of support’, that diligently impart shape to the wedged clay. It is the assistance of the hands that help the clay to pick up the shape in which it is to be fashioned.

What if that shape gets distorted?

What if the clay becomes spoiled, marred or ruined while spinning on the wheel?

The potter will have to pound the clay back into a lump and start over again, moulding the wet clay as pleased.

However, in real life, starting all over again to reconstruct a spoiled personality is a mere wishful thinking.

Personalities are also like wet clay, imbibing the impressions of whatever happens with them. The wheel of fortune drives our lives through a train of circumstances at it’s own pace, demanding proper guidance from the hands of support.

In the end, it is the hands of support that make the clay valuable. A lump has no value. So, we must value the hands of support that have helped us become whatever we are today.


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