Letters I Never Posted…..

Dear life,

I know I am an extraordinary being, but I too need a few hours of break from this brisk time table that has left me in scepticism. Even the mirror disapproves my identity these days. My durability depends on the charger that refills the energy in me. Will you please arrange that?

I seriously wish science to invent a mechanism that gives me twenty eight hours, each day. And the entire credit goes to you. At this point, I am in a desperate requisite of a six months holiday, and that too twice a year!!

But before that, can you please sit with me face to face and clear all your debts that compel me to test my strengths and tolerances every day?

I am standing on crossroads, knowing my priorities, yet declining them their due importance. You have left me so occupied with things that simplicity has started running away from me. Can you explain me why have you put me into such a trial?

I have become so reserved that even my pen hates me now. I am in no way contended with you. There’s some kind of RDX element inserted in the morning red roses you offered me. Perhaps, you need to ease out the tensions between us. Will you please do the needful?

I know its difficult for you to spare time for me, but please stop playing with me!

From, the protagonist, me.



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